RanNOMness – Stitch, Toothless, and a Bastard.

It’s Friday. Time for this week’s random findings…

Lilo & Stitch Pop! Vinyl Figures (by Funko)

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on the site yet, but I’m pretty much the biggest fan of Disney’s Stitch you’ll find. Whenever I come across something Stitch themed, I’m usually nabbing it. The odder, the better. Lemme know if you ever stumble upon anything unique. Sure, Beauty And The Beast is probably the “best” Disney movie, but Lilo & Stitch is my “favorite”…

Stitch being presented as Lilo’s pet, and the bond they form, has a lot to do with my love for the flick. Me being the huge dog lover that I am, I’m into it. Yup. Throw in the amazing cast of secondary characters and lush classic 2D animation… Pure awesomeness. Funko announced three new Lilo & Stitch Pop! figures this week. Though something seems a little off in the likeness of Stitch 626’s face, these will def be snatched up. Totally into the fact they chose to make Scrump.

Funko Pop! Scrump Figure
Funko Pop! Stitch 626 Figure
Funko Pop! Lilo Figure


How To Train Your Dragon 2 (Blu-ray & DVD)

On the topic of animation, the best of this year’s selection was released on Blu-ray and DVD this week. How To Train Your Dragon 2. 2014 has been a pretty great year for movies in general with a nice pool of flicks I thoroughly enjoyed. Three of which happened to be animated. This film, Big Hero 6 (Watch for a post on that one soon!!), and The Book Of Life. Usually we’re lucky to get one amazing animated project.

As in Lilo & Stitch, one of the big draws here is the emotional friendship that comes from the owner/pet relationship between Hiccup and Toothless. What was built up in the first movie progresses perfectly in this sequel. Packed with action, character, gorgeous visuals, and heart (most importantly), this is a must own. Reminds me of the classic ’80s fantasy and adventure flicks I grew up on.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Blu-ray


BackWoods Bastard (by Founders Brewing Co.)

While I love me some cute and crazy animated creatures, there’s nothing cute about BackWoods Bastard. Maybe a little crazy though. BackWoods Bastard, at 10.2% abv, is a huge seasonal ale aged in oak bourbon barrels from Founders Brewing Co. out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its profile is packed with a big bourbon/scotch flavor, some smokiness, and a bit of spice rounded out with hints of dark fruit.

It’s November release makes absolute sense, perfect for crackin’ open after returning from a cold venture. Since it’s snowing here (Snowing?!?!) at the moment, I happen to have one right beside me. Had been meaning to give this guy a chance for some time but never came across it until now. It tends to disappear quick. I searched. Never prevailed. If you come across it, don’t hesitate. You gladly grab it and you enjoy it. No questions.

Founders Brewing Co. BackWoods Bastard


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  1. Agreed- Backwoods Bastard is Really Good. I prefer it room temperature as I took it out and forgot I did. Not at my bodega anymore…..something told me to buy another pack!! oh well. Least I can see, been there-tried that!!! laughing!!

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