RanNOMness – Sriracha Beer, Gotham Academy, Trailers

Like Steven Universe says… “Give me the bits!!”

Here’s this week’s random bits for ya…

Sriracha Hot Stout Beer (by Rogue)

A sriracha beer. You’re prob making a face right now. An unfavorable face, I’d imagine. Totally understandable, but I plan on channeling my adventurous side for this one. Marisela and I loooove sriracha. Throw some of that business on your mac n’ cheese the next time you have some. You’ll never look back. We’re also talking about my favorite style of beer here (stout). So, yeah, I’m in regardless of how crazy it sounds. Bottle has been pre-ordered and its arrival is anxiously awaited. If you’re curious, get on it. Pre-orders start shipping on the 8th and Rogue hasn’t announced any definite retailers as of yet, so it could be your only shot. I’ll surely be offering up my opinion after tasting, so check back if you need a verdict but are feeling wimpy.

Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer


Gotham Academy (by DC Comics)

Had been eyein’ this series since it released. Recently cut down on my weekly comic buys, so wasn’t sure about starting a new series. Especially with how quick they tend to come and go nowadays. Was browsing the new releases this week and noticed issue 3 came out. Clicked through to the series page on Comixology and what do you know, issue 1 was on sale (and still is!). Nice. Took the leap, gave it a read, and was back on the site in no time buying issues 2 and 3. Gotham Academy is one of DC Comics’ recent attempts to grow outside of their usual offerings style-wise. A supernatural indie-like drama sprinkled with mystery, action, and humor, with mostly female characters as the leads, it’s a breath of fresh air. Has a Harry Potter feel to it. I’m gonna stick with it.

Gotham Academy Issues 1-3


Star Wars: The Force Awakens & Jurassic World Trailers

If you’re at all interested in either of these franchises, chances are you’ve seen these vids. My excitement for both is so high though, I couldn’t help but share them out again. The original entries of each series are on my Top Five Of All Time list. There’s been some tough spots following those flicks (The Prequels. The Lost World. Ugh.), but what little is shown here has plenty of promise. The Force Awakens feels more like Star Wars in its short teaser than anything in the entire run time of the prequel trilogy. Jurassic World seems to find a nice balance between the awe of the original flick and the monster movie fun of JPIII. Hoping to stay fresh and not watch any further trailers for these from here on. Seen all I need to be sold.


That’ll about do it for this Friday. Back to all that holiday business. We’ve got some fun things in the works. Like us, follow us, etc. And, if you missed it, there’s still some time to enter our Harry Potter apron giveaway!


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