RanNOMness – MOTU, TMNT, 3 Floyds

It’s Friday. Once again. Time to get random…


MOTU Minis Series 2 (by Matty Collector)

Matty Collector released a video revealing plans for their 2015 Masters Of The Universe Minis subscription. It’ll be the second series in the line. I’ve mentioned these MOTU figures before back when I took a look at the Stratos and Scareglow two-pack from the current run. Really enjoyed those little dudes. Can’t wait until the full first series we pre-ordered as a bundle ships in December. This announcement gives reason to be excited beyond the end of the year though with one word… Jitsu!!

Jitsu MOTU Minis

Sure there’s plenty of other awesomeness to be found in the vid, but… Jitsu!! One of my absolute favorites as a kid from the original vintage line, seeing him all mini-fied brings on the nostalgia. One thing that kind of bumbs me out here initially is word that the Snake Mountain pieces won’t be included in the two-packs as the Castle Grayskull pieces were. You’ll only receive them if you subscribe and they’ll ship in their own box. Guess it’ll be interesting to see how, if at all, that effects the packaging of the figures. Jitsu!!


TMNT Horror Customs (by Chicago Toy Collector)

This right here is some jaw dropping business. Turtles. Horror. Awesomeness. These TMNT customs of the Ninja Turtles as Horror Movie Villains from Chicago Toy Collector were made for me… except they weren’t. The creator (Dan Polydoris) made them for himself. And he only made one set. So, hands off. I’ve been admiring them from afar all week. Pieces from various vintage action figures were repurposed and mashed about to accomplish them. I’m a die-hard Donatello fan and he’s my fave here as well (as Freddy Krueger).

Donatello Freddy Krueger Custom

Raphael as Jason Voorhees, Leonardo as Leatherface, and Michelangelo as (of course) Michael Myers round out the bunch. There’s even fun lists supplied for each custom documenting the different action figure pieces used for the builds. Definitely give it all a look… and then become very jealous.


Barrel Aged Moloko (by 3 Floyds)

The Wife and I were surprised to get a bottle of this Barrel Aged Moloko by 3 Floyds from her brother yesterday night. When a 3 Floyds special release is launched, it usually ends up with everybody scrambling for a bottle. Then there’s the yearly attempt at getting tickets to their Dark Lord Day festival (a day of beer and metal music). It’s the one day a year they sell Dark Lord, their Russian Imperial Stout. It’s wildly popular. We went this year and have one more bottle we’re holding on to for Halloween. But, we’re talking Barrel-Aged Moloko right now…

3 Floyds Barrel Aged Moloko

The original plain ol’ Moloko is a pretty nice milk stout. We’ve had it a few times. This special batch, aged in bourbon barrels for a year, promises “chocolate, coconut, and vanilla liquid awesomeness”. Can’t wait to give it a taste. We’ll have to report back with those findings once we decide to crack it. Now that it’s been brought to your attention though, if you’re intrigued, grab one before it’s gone.


Happy trails…

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