RanNOMness – Ganondorf & Scarecrow

A little light, but here are this week’s random findings…

Wind Waker Ganondorf Statue (by First 4 Figures)

Going solely on the memory of playing it many moons ago, The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past on SNES is prob my favorite RPG. I’ve missed a handful of Zelda titles since then, but did play a good portion of The Wind Waker back when it came out on GameCube. Never quite finished it, though I loved what I got through. Recently got both of those titles downloaded onto our Wii U. Can’t wait to play both once again and see where they shake out now. Which means I’ll be battling this fool in the near future. Ganondorf is the big bad of The Wind Waker. First 4 Figures is releasing him as part of their highly detailed statue series. This dude looks amazing, 15 inches of massively stylized awesomeness. And, he’ll only set you back around a measly $250. o.O I need a new hobby.

Ganondorf The Wind Waker Statue by First 4 Figures


Scarecrow BatMan: The Animated Series Figure (by DC Collectibles)

Yet another reveal for the reimagined BatMan: The Animated Series line by DC Collectibles (that I’ve mentioned previously here). Unfortunately, I report this one with a bit of sadness. See, they’ve announced my favorite character (Scarecrow) for Wave 5… but opted for his design from The New BatMan Adventures instead of the BatMan: TAS look. Watching the shows back in the day, a heavy dose of disappointment hit me right in the gut the first time I seen the redesigned character. Same thing happened the other day when I clicked through to read the announcement article on this figure. Can’t win ’em all, I suppose. Don’t get me wrong though, the figure still looks great. I just really love that original design. Maybe we’ll get a second release in the future (fingers crossed).

Scarecrow BatMan: The Animated Series Action Figure by DC Collectibles


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