RanNOMness – Crimson Peak, Adventure Time, Mega Man X

Time, once again, for this week’s random findings…

Crimson Peak

From the Victorian looking setting, costumes, supernatural happenings… This right here was made for me, and Crimson Peak is now officially my most anticipated movie of the year. Sure, I’m super pumped for Jurassic World, Star Wars, and all that business, but you can’t beat a Guillermo Del Toro original. Pan’s Labyrinth. The Devil’s Backbone. Amazing stuff. His mainstream blockbuster flicks can be hit or miss in spots, but they’re always enjoyable overall. The effects in the trailer definitely need some work, but this doesn’t release until October (perfect time of year for it!!), so there’s plenty of time for some polishing. No worries there. Excited is an understatement.


Adventure Time Series (by Kidrobot)

How great do these look?! This appears to be just a taste of an upcoming Adventure Time line by Kidrobot. Overall, the series will supposedly consist of blind box figures, some medium sized figures, and keychains. I need me some Lumpy swingin’ from my key ring. For sure. There’s a Summer 2015 release date set for the lot. Found out about this awesomeness from the site linked in the title there, The Toy Chronicle. Had never really stumbled across it until my wife found this news and forwarded the link to me. Did quite a bit of browsing immediately. Great site. Lots to like there. Definitely give it a look as well.

Adventure Time Kidrobot Ad


Mega Man X KickStarter (by TruForce)

Yet another sweet KickStarter. Seems like lately these have been popping up constantly. Gonna have to be more picky in what I back or run the risk of going poor. Take a look at this guy though. That’s a great lookin’ figure from first-timers TruForce. I was huge on Mega Man growing up. From the original series, through X, and on. Can remember sitting with my pad and paper, taking notes to determine the order to approach the villains, resorting to Nintendo Power only when necessary. Good times. If this project is a success, and TruForce delivers a quality product, there’s plenty of other cool characters from the Mega Man series that could see release.

Mega Man X TruForce Figure


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