RanNOMness – Beer. Burgers. OMFG!

Thought it’d be fun to throw together the occasional post of some random findings. That’s what you’re looking at!! We’ll see how this goes. Might make a thing out of it. We shall seeee. Originally planned on getting this ready to post for this morning, but that didn’t end up happening. Nope. Mostly because of the first thing mentioned below. The blame falls squarely on that…

Vida y Muerte (by 5 Rabbit)

5 Rabbit is an excellent nearby brewery on Chicago’s south side. Big fans. Yes, we are. We went there last night for the release of this awwwweesome beer Vida y Muerte. They actually didn’t have it on tap, but were selling 4 packs and cases. We had a few of their other beers that we hadn’t had yet, ate some tacos from the taco truck guy that set up shop, then headed out with a Vida y Muerte 4 pack for home. We should have got a case. Being massive fans of Oktoberfest / Marzen style beers, this was a huge one for us. The beer manages to take everything you know and love about the style, then adds some perfectly balanced spices and milky sweetness through the addition of dulce de leche, milk sugar, Mexican cinnamon, and a few other spices. Seek this one out. No question.

Vida y Muerte by 5 Rabbit

October Burgers Of The Month (Kuma’s Corner)

We started out sort of Fall / Halloween there and we’re gonna keep it that way… with some burgers… and Metal!! Kuma’s Corner announced their burgers of the month for October. After the whole Ghost Burger business, most know Kuma’s is all about Metal and each of their burgers are modeled after a different Metal band. This month they give us Vektor and Fleshcrawl.

Kuma's Corner October 2014 Burgers Of The Month

Vektor (being served at the OG Kuma’s) consists of a burger, beer braised rib eye, sautéed onions and peppers in jus, smoked provolone cheese sauce, and beer battered deep fried giardiniera, while Fleshcrawl (at Kuma’s Too) packs on a burger, Düsseldorf mustard, German style mashed potatoes, a 4 oz. bratwurst, beer and mustard braised onions, red cabbage slaw, and paprika. That Fleshcrawl sounds like it’d be amazing with a glass of Vida y Muerte!! Anyways. Go!! Their stuff is tasty.

OMFG Series 4 (by October Toys)

Still keeping it a bit creepy for the season. October Toys recently launched a KickStarter for the 4th series in their miniature figure line OMFG! I like how that exclamation point there worked both at ending the sentence and representing the line. Good stuff. If you’re nostalgic for crazily collectible old miniature figure lines like M.U.S.C.L.E. or Monster In My Pocket, you NEED to get into getting these. We’ve got the first three series in at least one color way each and think they’re awesomeness. This time around we’re looking at original characters Fossil Freak, Wooly Wisp, Bullseye, Tree Witched, and The Siren. Seems as of right now they’ve reached about $10,000 of their $16,000 goal with about 2 weeks to go. Back this thing. We have and we’re fairly intelligent.

OMFG Series 4 KickStarter

‘Til next time…

2 comments on “RanNOMness – Beer. Burgers. OMFG!

  1. WoW!!!!
    Those burgers look Ridiculous in an Awesome Way!! I would so try and just bite into it. Must wear short sleeve for such a Delicacy. Laughing!!

    Will be looking out for this beer. Sounds perfect for this weather!! Loving Tree Witched!

    1. lol. Ridiculous is right. Haven’t been up there in a bit. Needs to be corrected. Just like how I need to reply quicker. ; )

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