RanNOMness – Arroz Con Leche, Mythic Legions, Adventure Time

Time, once again, for this week’s random findings…

Arroz Con Leche Beer (by 5 Rabbit)

The Wife and I made another trip to one of our most favoritest of places again last weekend, 5 Rabbit Cerveceria. It was for the release of their new brew, Arroz Con Leche. Plus, they had PorkMafia Chicago preparing a whole hog, sausages, etc. According to 5 Rabbit, “Arroz Con Leche is our liquid version of the popular Latin American dessert. It is a decadent imperial rice ale with plenty of milky creaminess and a pleasant touch of vanilla and cinnamon. There is no other beer like it.”. Agreed. We’ve never had anything quite like it. Everything 5 Rabbit has been putting out destroys. This follows suit. Might be one of their top three beers for me, alongside Vida Y Muerte and 5 Lizard. Seek their stuff out and definitely stop by if you’re in the area.

5 Rabbit Arroz Con Leche Beer


Mythic Legions (by Four Horsemen)

Four Horsemen recently announced their long awaited Mythic Legions action figure line will finally launch with a KickStarter campaign sometime around the second week of February. They’re currently fine tuning the prototypes for both the initial offerings and some additional stretch goals. And, just the other day, they specified the figures themselves will be 6 inches as opposed to the originally thought 4 inches. Seems the cost of producing at each size was so close, they decided to give their fans the better value. Awwe, so sweet. If you’re unfamiliar with these dudes, check out their Gothitropolis line then get excited. Off the bat, I’m more of a fan of the Gothitropolis character designs, but these new Mythic Legions fools still look all sorts of rad.

Mythic Legions Logo


Adventure Time Contest

Adventure Time had been on the air for quite awhile before I actually decided to pay any attention to it. Of course, I’d heard of it and all that business. Just never sat down and gave it a chance. That is until one day, about two years ago or so, when my friend popped it on after we had a few beers. I was hooked instantly. Came home and forced a few episodes upon Marisela, who also fell in love with it. The following year I was Jake for Halloween. Good stuff. Can’t remember how I came across this contest exactly, but it exists and that’s all that matters. If you’ve got an artistic bone or two in your body, put them to good use and design a character in the style of Adventure Time. They just may show up in the series’ next video game. How cool would that be?

Adventure Time Logo


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