The Book of Life – Xibalba Legacy Figure & Heart Cookies

The Book of Life - Xibalba and Cookies

If you have not seen The Book of Life yet, you should definitely give it a chance. It comes out on Blu-ray and DVD January 27th. It was actually nominated for a Golden Globe! Even though I knew The Book of Life was not going to win any awards being in the same category as How to Train Your Dragon 2, it was still nice for it to get recognized. It has a great story with very unique animated characters. One of my favorites is Xibalba.

RanNOMness – Star Wars, Vinyl Idolz, Four Horsies

Time, once again, for this week’s random findings…

Star Wars Issue 1 (by Marvel) …and LANDOOOO!!

You’re hyped for Star Wars Episode VII. We all are. It’s a given. How about something to hold you over until December? Taking place between Episodes IV and V, the first issue of Marvel’s Star Wars nails that original trilogy vibe we’ve been clamoring for. If writer Jason Aaron (huge fan) is able to keep this up, we’re in for something special. Plus, the series will officially be considered franchise canon, so you gotta keep up.

Marvel Star Wars Issue 1

You should also be keeping up on Star Wars Rebels, the new animated series. If you haven’t been, now is the time to hop on as the clouds parted this week and a thundering voice announced that none other than Lando Calrissian (voiced by Billy Dee Williams!!) will be appearing on next week’s episode. It’s a good week to be a Star Wars fan.


Top 10 Movies Of 2014

The holidays are over, it’s a new year, things are back in order… and we’re in business once again. 2014 was a kind of hit or miss year overall, but not when it came to movies. There were so many great flicks released, making this list here quite a chore. In the end though, it boiled down to a nice mixture of smaller releases and major blockbuster business.



The Book Of Life Poster

The Book Of Life took me a bit by surprise. I fully expected it to be beautiful visually, but hadn’t planned on an emotional connection. Went in wanting some eye candy at best and left with swirling thoughts of life’s finiteness. One of the many great animation releases of the year.

RanNOMness – Ghostbusters, Admiral Ackbar, The Babadook

Aaaand, we’re back. It’s Friday and once again I have some of this week’s random findings ready to share. Let’s have a look-see…

Ghostbusters Mini Figures (by Lunartik & Titan Merchandise)

We’re huge Lunartik fans, The Wife and I. You may have seen the cupcakes we made recently based on his Lunartik In A Cup Of Tea mini figure line. His work is just so fun, so excellent. And, now, he appears to have gotten his paws on the Ghostbusters license (through a collab with Titan Merchandise). While all we can see of the upcoming mini figs so far are the designs, Lunartik’s unique and whimsical style appears to marry perfectly with the iconic characters. I wanna give the Key Master fig a poke in the belly. Maybe a squeeze. Recently got myself a few carded dudes from the vintage Ghostbusters action figure line by Kenner, so these little fools are right up my alley at the moment. Hopefully I don’t break the bank on blind boxes trying to get ’em all upon release.

Ghostbusters Mini Figures by Lunartik

Grinch Heart Cupcakes

Grinch Heart Cupcakes

Christmas is about a week away, can you believe it??! And the New Year is right around the corner. The older wiser I get, the quicker time seems to pass. There is never enough time in the day and with the holidays upon us, this is truer than ever. All the shopping, running around and traffic, moods can dampen quickly even amid all of the beautiful holiday decorations and lights. It does not ALWAYS feel like the most wonderful time of the year. Because of that, I just had to make some Grinch Heart Cupcakes.

Earl Grey Tea Cupcakes Inspired by Lunartik

Lunartik in a Cup of Tea - White Tea Series 1

I am not a coffee drinker. I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee, I enjoy coffee flavored desserts, but I just can’t drink a cup of coffee unless I mask it with flavored creamer and tons of sugar. My hot beverage choice is tea. I can drink most tea varieties plain without sugar. There was a time when I did not like teas at all, but my mom changed all that. She is a big tea drinker as well. Lately, for the holiday season, I’ve been drinking lots of cinnamon tea. It fills the house with a wonderful cinnamony scent as it is brewing. And, it keeps you warm and in the holiday spirit.

RanNOMness – Sriracha Beer, Gotham Academy, Trailers

Like Steven Universe says… “Give me the bits!!”

Here’s this week’s random bits for ya…

Sriracha Hot Stout Beer (by Rogue)

A sriracha beer. You’re prob making a face right now. An unfavorable face, I’d imagine. Totally understandable, but I plan on channeling my adventurous side for this one. Marisela and I loooove sriracha. Throw some of that business on your mac n’ cheese the next time you have some. You’ll never look back. We’re also talking about my favorite style of beer here (stout). So, yeah, I’m in regardless of how crazy it sounds. Bottle has been pre-ordered and its arrival is anxiously awaited. If you’re curious, get on it. Pre-orders start shipping on the 8th and Rogue hasn’t announced any definite retailers as of yet, so it could be your only shot. I’ll surely be offering up my opinion after tasting, so check back if you need a verdict but are feeling wimpy.

Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer

Jake’s Bacon Pancakes!

Jake's Bacon Pancakes with Syrup

Thanksgiving week was great. Seeing family and eating lots of food was nice and all, but what really made it great were the new episodes of Adventure Time that aired throughout the week in what was called Corn-Ooo-Copia. In one of those episodes, they flashed back to Jake’s classic cooking moment… the Makin’ Bacon Pancakes song.

Peppermint Toad Cupcakes and a Harry Potter Apron Giveaway!

When I had to decide on a Harry Potter inspired dessert, the decision was a bit complicated. I immediately thought to do a butterbeer cupcake, but you’ll find tons of different recipes already if you search butterbeer cupcakes on Pinterest. Then I thought pumpkin juice could probably be easily made into cupcakes. But, of course, we have all been on pumpkin overload the past two months. So, I decided against both of those ideas… for now. Instead, since we are at the beginning of the holiday season, I chose to do Peppermint Toad Cupcakes.

Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha Cupcake

RanNOMness – SUCKLE, BatMan, Ballast Point, MOTU

Surprisingly stickin’ to my planned commitment for Fridays. Here’s yet another bit of random for ya. Consistency!!

Revenge Of SUCKLE Mini Figures KickStarter (by Sucklord)

Stumbled across another bit of mini figure goodness this week on KickStarter, thanks to The Wife. Funded this immediately after her bringing it to my attention. Though we don’t own anything SUCKLE (yet), just couldn’t resist this latest offering from Sucklord. We became fans of his a few years back when he was a contestant on Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist. The guy is a lot of fun. The Revenge Of SUCKLE set includes 10 figures, each designed with a heavy dose of humor and obviously inspired by (with elements flat out lifted from) pop culture sci-fi. Thirteen days left to go on this KickStarter. Fund it so we get us some SUCKLE!!

Revenge Of SUCKLE Mini Figures by Sucklord