It’s been a long time coming, but the wife and I have finally opened the gates to our virtual home. After much brainstorming and a bit of back and forth, our interests now have an abode of their own. Though those interests are vast (we watch way too many TV shows and movies, I’m a HUGE dog lover, etc.), our minds tend to drift into two places. The kitchen and the toy box. Before we get into that whole thing…

We got married a little over two years ago. Yes, I tricked my wife into a life with me and my four-legged son, Jedi (HUGE dog lover, remember?). Awesomeness continues to ensue. One thing about my wife, she’s a phenomenal baker / cook. It’s been rubbing off on me and I’ll hopefully continue to level up. We shall see. Point is, we both love food. Another common love of ours is collectibles. You know, toys and things of that ilk. Soooo, we thought, how about we combine ’em? Hmmmm.

It seemed like an odd pairing at first, but began to make more and more sense as we continued to think about it. Consider this for a sec… Both provide a sense of joy and nostalgia. Both are interesting on a visual level. Those ideas are what we hope to feature here by pairing our adventures in the kitchen with our always growing stash of collectibles… along with some other random nonsense thrown in for good measure, of course.